About Me

Maxwell himself lounging lazily on an old pyre or something.

I'm a human being who loves to program, write, compose and perform music, interact with other human beings, study and teach the methods and theories of psychology and spirituality, and even occasionally go outside.

I've been learning to develop web pages since early 2017. My main focus so far has been with front-end development, but one can only guess where the future will have me travel. Hopefully to the Mediterranean to eat delicious healthy foods and program on the beach!

In any case, I love what I do, whether it's making this website, writing this song, or just hanging out and being me. Thanks for visiting!

Contact Me

Hey! If you want to get ahold of me, feel free to make use of the icons above or email me. You can ask me about my work, request my résumé, talk to me about yourself, or even just lend me some pointers!